Eating Around The World

Riverside Restaurant :
Kawasan Wisata Sungai Musi, Kompleks Benteng Kuto Besak, Jl. Rumah Bari, Palembang
Telp. 62.711.368222, 62.711-8389009

Another near-flawless restaurant: its pindang patin, a local version of tom yum soup, whose crowning glory is the freshly-trawled patin fish from down below, is truly a thing of beauty.

For the uninitiated, patin fish is a preternaturally plump fish, the flavor and texture of which are so singular they defy description. 

Then there is that broth—and oh, what a broth: hot, sweet and sour in equal measure, like the best of marriages. The riverside setting is almost too lovely, with the suitably festooned Ampera Bridge hovering nearby.  The ‘indoor’ part of the restaurant, however, with its gaudy giant aquariums and seedy lighting, feels oppressively generic.