Eating Around The World

Pempek Vico :
Jl. Let. Kol. Iskandar no. 541-542, Palembang
Telp. 62.711.316066

A firm favorite with the locals, Vico turns out a mean pempek, faintly browned and crisp, with coko just a notch in quality below Beringin’s. 

The place itself is more spacious than most of its competition, and offers a more varied menu (forget the noodles), but the indisputable standout is the es kacang, a sparkling red bean-based syrupy iced drink laden with fruity tidbits. Someone describes it, not inaptly, as reminiscent of “red jewels.”

PS. Like Beringin, they also do nationwide delivery.

Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00