The Jakarta Good Food Guide

A guide to over 500 restaurants, cafes, casual eateries and street vendors (kaki limas) in inner Jakarta, written by the poet and novelist Laksmi Pamuntjak. The photographs are by Yori Antar (JGFG 2001, JGFG 2002-2003) and by Paul Kadarisman (JGFG 2008-2009, JGFG 2009-2010).

A guide independent of the hospitality or restaurant industry in Jakarta. It accepts advertising but NOT from restaurants. Restaurateurs cannot buy an editorial listing or a favorable rating in this guide.

A guide that selects restaurants based on reputation, popularity and consumers’ recommendations and reviews them on their merits. Laksmi visits restaurants and pays her meals in full.

A guide that describes and evaluates restaurants as the reviewer finds them. It is not intended as the last word on food in this city. As Laksmi is fond of saying, “Food to me will never be the same as food to you."