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Chasio Asan :
Jl. Sun Yat Sen no. 123, Medan
Telp. 061-7366029

The culinary theme, to risk stating the obvious, is chasio, those red, roasted, delicious chunks of pork you could snack on them like potato chips. Clearly, the restaurant, whose soul is bent on a stalwart’s exercise of Spartan assertiveness, is such a legend that its lazy eye and its air of indifference isn’t supposed to be taken to heart.

Thankfully, the chasio under scrutiny delivers—it is sliced thin enough so as not to overwhelm, and manages to be at once crisp and juicy.

It also won’t take you long to realize that they’re situated, somewhat surreally, slap bang in the middle of Pemuda Pancasila Country where nearby tiger-striped vans are menacingly parked and a local branch overlaid with the notorious vigilante group’s bellicose orange insignia stands.

Opening hours: 9.00 – 15.00